Are your computers running slowly? Purchasing new equipment is not always necessary to regain performance.

Enjoy increased speeds with our computer optimisation service.

We undertake a thorough software and physical clean of your computer, and work with you to identify unwanted or malicious software.

Buildup of dust and dirt inside computers lowers the effectiveness of the cooling system, meaning your CPU has to perform thermal throttling, a mechanism which prevents it from overheating and potentially causing damage. Clearing the dust ensures much better cooling efficiency, and can prevent thermal throttling, giving you faster performance!

This is what I would expect to find after 2-3 years:

It can build up faster in certain industries exposed to more dust, such as garages.

It's imperative to maintain clean computers not only for performance, but health.

While most of this dust is firmly stuck inside the computer, its fans are still spinning and slowly redistributing it in the room, where it is either inhaled, or settles to repeat the process.

For this reason, we recommend the computers be taken outside to be cleaned, however we can work indoors with vacuum cleaners and air compressors if required for data security.